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Business Plan Consultant

Looking for a Business Plan Consultant?

The business plan is the foundation of entrepreneurial mission & vision. This serves as document to communicate the business and its future potential to those that matters. This document helps in decision making to investors and joint venture partner.

Who needs a business plan?

Not every business needs to have a business plan, although, it is recommended that every business has a roadmap to guide its progression. Businesses that should consider having a plan include:

Startup businesses: Startup businesses need this strict structure to ensure that everything is in place before breaking ground.

Existing businesses: The right business plan can be a critical instrument of growth for an existing business

Entrepreneurs with business partners: Your business plan will clearly define your agreement.  It highlights the ground rules and keeps everything fair among partners.

Entrepreneurs looking for financing: If you want someone to invest in your venture, you must have a business plan. That will show how you plan to use your money and expected return on their investment and cash flow position.

What are the components of a business plan?

There are specific steps to be followed in order to build an impressive business plan that is not only well-written but well-structured, well-researched, and has realistic goals for the business to follow.


Here are the essential components that every business plan should have:

  • Executive summary
  • Business description
  • Business environment analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Operations plan
  • Team and management plan
  • Financial projections
  • Appendix


When you need a business plan consultant?

It is critical to understand that the purpose of having a business plan consultant and few of the key reasons are as follows:-

  • Insights on the future of the business
  • Supporting investing activities
  • Supports the valuation of the business potentials
  • Business partnering for growth


Business Planning Process

Initial discussion to understand your need, your business and competitors. This will begin with broad vision for the company and extend to the finer points of the business.

Once we have all the information we need, we will begin developing the business plan. We will be able to deliver an end-to-end business plan that would help to show case potential of your business.

Finally, we will do few iterations to synchronise the plan.


How can SattvaCFO help in business planning?

SattvaCFO has years of experience in budgeting, planning, financial planning & analysis, business planning and valuation service. All you need to do is call us or email us ( for your amazing business plan.